Highview Hotel is part of “Face of Tanzania”

The  Highview Hotel Karatu was the location for the regional audition of the Tanzanian beauty contest “Face of Tanzania”, the first ever Tanzanian reality TV model search competition. The show, which was aired twice a week for a month, showed the semi finalists in a model camp where the girls were given model related activities. Part of the challenges was a spectacular photo shooting in the Ngorongoro crater.

Irine Kiwia, director of the show thanked Highview Hotel for the sponsorship, support and warm hospitality given. The voting public has now chosen 5 finalists who are currently in South Africa to learn about the international modelling industry.

The contest also has the aim to promote self-awareness and empowerment to young girls. The organizers believe that if a young woman is self-aware of who she is, what greatness she is capable of achieving and how much she can be in control of her life she will take initiative to self-develop herself, be cautious of diseases especially HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, steer clear of unplanned pregnancies and instead work towards ambitions that will not only develop and benefit her but the nation in general.

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